Monday, January 3, 2011

Vision therapy - week 4

This week, my vision therapist and I worked on my alignment / central suppression issues. I am turning both of my eyes on, but I'm not fusing the images together in the right way. I'm overconverging or doing something weird, apparently. Here are some examples:

These triangles are meant to be viewed with red/green glasses. Using both eyes, you would see the image on the right:

However, I was seeing it in my own special way, like this:

I was overconverging, probably so that I could push the R and the L out of my central suppression zone. Or maybe I just really like converging. (I do!)

Another example would be this chart with green and orange shapes on it (this isn't the real chart, though)

When viewed with red/green glasses, it should look basically the same, just darker. When I looked at it, things weren't aligning right:

So my homework for the week was to keep looking at the triangles and the shapes chart and trying to see things in the correct alignment. Tapping on them and putting my hands all over them helped a lot. I would also talk to my brain a lot and say, "See, brain! They are in a line. Don't you get it?"

Another activity that I did for homework was to draw two columns of circles on a white board (left) and converge my eyes until the circles lined up in a straight line (right).

Anyway, that's all!

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