Sunday, October 23, 2011

I'm back!

After 7 months, I have returned. My personal life became kind of crazy for a while (a serious car accident, among other things) and I kind of forgot about vision therapy. At that time, seeing out of one eye was good enough for me. But everything is okay now! I'm back in vision therapy, and I have even more ideas and inventions floating around in my head than before.

If you tried to email me, I'm sorry that I didn't answer. I will slowly try to go through my old emails and see what I missed. Thanks :)

To prove that I am really back, here is a picture of me doing one of my first back-in-vision-therapy homework assignments: wear the red/green glasses and track the red/green ball as it floats around your face. Thankfully, I'm finding that I can still flat fuse red/green stuff like that. It seems that I haven't lost any of the talents that I gained from the first round of vision therapy, but I sure do feel a little rusty.