Sunday, October 23, 2011

I'm back!

After 7 months, I have returned. My personal life became kind of crazy for a while (a serious car accident, among other things) and I kind of forgot about vision therapy. At that time, seeing out of one eye was good enough for me. But everything is okay now! I'm back in vision therapy, and I have even more ideas and inventions floating around in my head than before.

If you tried to email me, I'm sorry that I didn't answer. I will slowly try to go through my old emails and see what I missed. Thanks :)

To prove that I am really back, here is a picture of me doing one of my first back-in-vision-therapy homework assignments: wear the red/green glasses and track the red/green ball as it floats around your face. Thankfully, I'm finding that I can still flat fuse red/green stuff like that. It seems that I haven't lost any of the talents that I gained from the first round of vision therapy, but I sure do feel a little rusty.


  1. Hey josh. I'm an optometry student in Sydney and I  found your blog while studying for my exams. I love your blog! you've got such a great attitude and I hope you all the best in vision training!

  2. Josh!  Found your blog while you were gone, read and enjoyed all of it.  Very glad your back and very interested in hearing about your return to VT after a long hiatus.   I'm an eso strab, over-corrected by surgery to become slightly exo, so your case is of particular interest to me.  Now that you're back I hope you'll hit the VT hard, master that stereopsis thang, and tell us all about it.  Good luck to you.

  3. Welcome back! No need to answer my email. Glad you are okay now and back in the saddle. Now, if only I can find more time to read your informative posts and get motivated to do my exercises again!

  4. Dr. Press has been asking about you. Might want to answer his emails! ;-)