Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spelling Bee - A free vision therapy video game

Play Spelling Bee here

I've finished another vision therapy video game!

A game about spelling! And bees! (not really)

  • Google Chrome web browser
    • This game uses a fairly new feature, canvas blend modes, and in my experience, this works best in Chrome
    • Canvas blend modes are supported in Firefox, but it seems SLOW on my laptop
    • Canvas blend modes are supposed to work in Safari, but I've never tried it
    • Canvas blend modes are NOT currently supported in Internet Explorer
  • Red/green or red/blue vision therapy glasses


A spinning hexagon bounces around the screen. Inside the hexagon is a word.
  • If the word is spelled correctly, press UP
  • If the word is spelled incorrectly, press DOWN
  • If you need some more visual feedback, press LEFT or RIGHT to move the cursor underneath the word

  • Color calibration
  • Adjustable
    • time limit
    • size
    • speed
    • bounce pattern
  • Convergence / divergence
  • Three color palettes
  • Graph of hits/misses

Color calibration
To calibrate the colors to your specific glasses and computer monitor, just follow the easy color calibration instructions. 

Fully adjustable
Adjust the size, speed, bounce pattern, and time limit to suit your needs. 

Convergence or divergence
This game can be used for convergence or divergence vision therapy exercises. Just adjust the settings in the menu. Note: the numbers in the convergence/divergence settings are NOT prism diopters. They are just arbitrary numbers, based on pixels measurements.

Three Color Palettes
You can play with Red Blue Black, Purple Teal Gray, or Red Green Orange graphics. ALL work with your standard anaglyph glasses. Try all the palettes, and see which work best for you.

Graph of hits / misses
As you play Spelling Bee, the game keeps track of your correct and incorrect answers (hits and misses). After the game is finished, you can see in what areas of the screen you are getting correct answers, and you can see in what areas of the screen that you are getting wrong answers. This can help you find your strong / weak areas of binocular tracking.

Options menu

Graph of correct answers

Vision Therapy Goals
My main goals for this game are:

  • Binocular tracking
  • Antisuppression

In conclusion
Try out my binocular tracking game Spelling Bee and let me know what you think. Good luck!

Play Spelling Bee here

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